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various logos


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olive typeface

Given the task of creating a modular display typeface, I thought of ways in which I could go the opposite of current trends. Observing that one prominent trend was angular modifications to geometric sans serif fonts, I figured that the opposite

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vancouver cabaret

Vancouver Cabaret is a theatre company based in Vancouver, BC. They focus on engaging dinner theatre that involves the audience.

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This photographic series is a convergence of installation and typography. Each of the five compositions represent a virtue from Benjamin Franklins list of 13 virtues. The objects in the installation symbolically relate to theme of personal growth. Each unique composition

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Ponder Branding

Ponder provides analytics to asses the social impact of non-profits and other companies – identifying areas for innovation. This is the branding I created to embody the friendly, thoughtful positioning of the company. You can learn more about Ponder over

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the hipster and the cat

A short film created by Anthony McLean for which I was on the art direction team. The wordmark and promotional materials for the film speak to its playful story. On set photography.

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