Community is at the core of Christianity. Although we live in a world connected by technology, in many areas, it is causing physical distance. SameRoad is an online application that utilizes technology to connect individuals to their local Christian communities,

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newmarket community church

The branding for Newmarket Community Church is inspired by their purpose statement ‘Champions of Freedom.‘ This statement carries both strength and grace and the challenge was to represent both of those characteristics in the final direction. The identity uses flight as a

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vancouver cabaret

Vancouver Cabaret is a theatre company based in Vancouver, BC. They focus on engaging dinner theatre that involves the audience.

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Ponder Branding

Ponder provides analytics to asses the social impact of non-profits and other companies – identifying areas for innovation. This is the branding I created to embody the friendly, thoughtful positioning of the company. You can learn more about Ponder over

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